-What is the difference between the concealed weapons course and the basic pistol course?

For those that are first time firearm users, the basic pistol class would be great in order to familiarize with the firearm itself.  This class is hourly based and has levels of progression in order to build more on the use of a firearm. For those that have used a firearm and would like to have the ability to carry their firearm on their person the concealed weapons course would be great for them. 

-How old must you be to take the course?

To take the concealed weapon course the student must be 21 years of age. You may take the course up to 6 months prior to your birthday.   To take the basic pistol course students younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult for the entire class.

-How much is the course?

The concealed weapons course is $120 per student. See the Facebook page for monthly specials. The basic pistol class is $75 per hour plus range, firearm rental, and ammunition.

-How long is the license valid?

Florida's concealed weapons license is valid for 7 years.

-What will I need to bring when I am taking the course?

On the day of the course students will only need to bring their valid identification. Other than the course funds of course ;).

-Will I have my concealed weapons permit upon completion of the class?

No, upon completion of the class you will receive a certificate showing proof of completion of the class which you will need to turn in to the Department of Agriculture.

-Are there fees after the course?

For the concealed weapon course there is a fee of $97 given to the division of licensing in your local area. This fee covers the application, background check, photo, and fingerprints.

-Where does the course take place?

JP Services is proud to announce its mobile services!! Meaning these courses can take place practically anywhere. Send us an email to book your next class at JPSERVICESOFTODAY@GMAIL.COM

-Check your eligibility for a Concealed Weapon/Firearm license here


How much is a Notary stamp?

Each notary stamp holds a fee of $10. Notary on marriage certificates are $20.

Can I notarize a form without the other party present?

A notary shall not notarize unless the signer personally appears before the notary public at the time of the notarization with a valid identification.

Can you come to me?

Yes, we are mobile!!! *traveling fees apply based on distance*


What does "service" mean as it relates to process servers?

"Service" is the official delivery of legal papers on parties, witnesses or other people involved in a case pursuant to and in compliance with Florida Statutes.

Why do legal papers need to be officially served? 

Official service of a summons and a copy of your complaint or petition are necessary to start a legal action by giving the other side formal notice that there is a lawsuit filed against them. After serving the other parties in your civil case, the process server files a return of service form with the Court so that the judge will know service has been performed according to the law. Civil process servers can also serve subpoenas (orders to appear in court or produce documents) and other legal notices and may be called upon to testify in Court if there is a question about proper service. All parties requesting service of process should be aware of the proper and legal service required in the legal proceeding.

Who do I contact to serve my legal papers? 

In the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit (Palm Beach County), either a deputy sheriff or a certified process server may serve initial non-enforceable process.\\